Hot Men in the Philippines


Hey indie movie producers! You forgot this one out. His name is Gamac Mendoza, a pageant regular. He can do the tiny bikinis and probably run nekkid, too, on the beach. He’s chunky-hunky on a 6′-frame. I’m not so sure now if he still holds that day job as a wholesale coordinator for a supermarket chain. And then again, you can still shoot his scenes at night or on weekends. On the beach, on a lovely bare-skinned romp. How’s that?
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  1. namfootah, saang supermarket to nag-wo-work? grrrrrrrrr!!! papapakin ko ziyah, este, papakyawin ko ang tinda niyah. BWHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA!!

  2. naging ex bf ko to..we lived together in one roof for 8 months…isa syang malaking manggagamit!!!user!!!

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