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IMG_1333Male models come in all shapes and sizes, and they sometimes adjust between masculine and feminine characters. There is probably a reason for his name like La Aguinaldo, referring to the singular, feminine definite article in Spanish. LA Aguinaldo may have that epicene beauty peculiar to boys of a certain age, but he’s still killing the sexy in most ways.

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  1. Bad editing… The guy is gwapo pero yong nag conceptualized sa shooting yong medyo mey kasalanan neto… Hideous, kawawa yong model..

  2. Naku naman si ateLA pala. Kailangan ba bang pagdebatehan yan? Eh mas malansa pa sa bilasang tilapia yang ate nyo noh.

  3. my goodness. ang sarap naman niyan. sarap siguro sa kama nito. hmmmm. sana magbrief naman xa.for sure laki ng titi nito.

  4. He’s my friend, and He’s not gay, maraming beses ko na syang nakasama but HELL NO! talaga! Sorry mga beks, I’m just telling the truth 😛

  5. I’ve worked with him for Philippine Fashion Week in 2013. Regular model yan sa lahat ng brands. During that time, ma-ugong na yung chismis na bakla siya and what he did is clinaim niyang girlfriend niya si Katarina Rodriguez.

  6. I have a cousin that works closely with a modeling agency. I have to admit that he’s really gay, guys. At the very least siguro, bisexual.

    Sabi sakin marami rawng intimate encounter si LA with other guys, especially when he goes abroad.

    Anyway, stop bashing him! He is sexy and cute, no matter what. May pagka-feminine nga, pero that makes him cuter.

  7. Yeah, totoo talaga. A lot of rumors have been circling around him, especially about his sexuality. May former schoolmate akong naka-trabaho niya sa SM Youth. Sabi sakin L.A. is very friendly and soft-spoken in person. Very fun on set. Pero may pagka-guarded nga, di naman siya totally in the closet because some of his close friends know. Pero di pa siya officially out. Also, may rumor din that he’s dating a handsome guy from the U.S.

    Anyway, I’m horrified by some of the comments here. What’s wrong with being gay? Super bait and handsome naman ni L.A. eh. I always follow him on instagram, you can find a lot of good vibes from his posts. So, don’t be a crab! Let’s support him, he’s one of the best male models in Asia!

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