Hot Men in the Philippines


GinoEjAren’t they cute? Since I’ve piqued your interest  (or curiosity) about that movie director Gino Santos (right), I might as well do another shirtless post to emphasize his, uh, cuteness. He’s with his friend EJ Serrano, a medical student. Judging on this site’s visitors’ expertise on sweet and lovely boys, I’m pretty sure you know their respective 411s already.

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  1. Gorgeous couple with impressive credentials between the two of them. Young hotshot director & future doctor. Rooting for them.

  2. ang sarap sigurong makitang nagkakantutan ang dalawang ‘to. nakakapanlibog. shit!

  3. RD! Post ka naman ng side by side ng past boylaloo ni mareng gina and yung current chaka boylet para fun! Very baklita yung new eh! Maliit nga daw ang burat eh 😛

  4. That hot, tall guy is a bottom?! What a waste. 🙁 Don’t you think he might be versa? Anyway, I heard EJ dated Eboy Fernandez, while Eboy and Paul were on the rocks, without EJ knowing Eboy’s still with another guy. Tsk tsk.

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