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Dream Parade


IMG_7227This is my dream parade. John Spainhour would go first, then the Semerad twins – David and Anthony, followed by Vince Ferraren and Arnold van Opstal. Tall, bulky boys bulging in their undergarments! A year ago today, this happened at the Bench Naked Truth underwear show. The stars aligned that afternoon for a rare glimpse of these men together in one stage, fleeting, passing by. The hunks lined up alright!

IMG_7228 IMG_7229 IMG_7231

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    1. Yeah same fetish! I also like long-legged, candle-shaped, flat-footed guys. It really turns me hard on!!! Fuck I’m so aroused seeing these guys.

      1. same here, i just luv men’s feet! i luv the smell of men’s feet sweat especially those with small hairs. jakol to the max talaga!

    2. Swerte ni putang gwendolyn ruais araw araw natitikman ang nutri ban ng isa sa semerad twins, pero mas maswerte sya kung 2 silang sabay. Yung isa sa kepyas, yung isa sa wetpaks. Shet kung ako yun di ko na sila paaalisin sa butas ko gang ilibing kaming 3 LOL LOL LOL!!!!

  1. RD please post po Dennis Trillo shirtless pics even the Bench Body pics you havent posted before please..he’s so Hot!

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