Hot Men in the Philippines

George on top

george iAnother of those countless George Irineu underwear shots and I never get tired of this hunky chunky Brazilian man! Just look at those legs, the plump buttocks and the healthy bulge down there. Of course, he has this handsome and rugged mug. I’m imagining I’m pulling down those tighty whities!

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  1. brazilian? naku uncut yan. masarap ang uncut. masarap paglaruan ang foreskin. just nibbling on it. yum yum. basta malinis ha! hahaha

    1. that’s true, nakachupa na ako ng uncut at ang sarap paglaruan ng foreskin. basta malinis ang tarugs, ang sarap sarap lalo na kung ang skin nag roll up and down tapos lumalabas ang ulo ang sarap i lollipop.

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