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Georgie Porgie

GeorgeIt’s time for a feature on sexy Brazilian in our midst George Irineu! He has gained a bit of weight, but he looks cuter than ever. I don’t know with you but I prefer my boys with some sandbags and sinkers sometimes. Sometimes when it’s a good-looking dude.

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  1. i luv buffy guys so george needs a little more gym time but still he’s cute and yummy, so lickable.

    1. As if he’ll even give you a single iota of attention, baklush! He’ll probably push you aside and tell you to workout even more.


          1. Shut up, you bayot, before I stuff a stiff dick inside your stinkin’ mouth! Bwahahahahahahaha!

  2. gwapo yan sa personal nakita ko na. laging palangiti kaya pwede nyong batiin maski sa labas and papansinin ka nya pramis!

  3. at first glance i thought it was victor basa.. now there’s a thought.. victor and george together! mmm…

  4. He’s a grower kasi mukha namang mataba at malaki titi nyan shet! Thanks for this VPL RD!!!!

  5. He needs to get back in fine form kung gusto nya magmodel. Baka iwanan sya ng competition no!

  6. I PREFER HIS BFF BUD! *naughtymind* well gurls dont be jealous, face the reality?!! THAT WE CAN MAKE A PRETTY BABIES WITH MR. HIDEO! Hahahah

    1. Yeah, in your sick and twisted and obviously delusional minds!

      Kaya dumadami na HIV+ infected!

  7. SHUT UP your old black gaywhore satanic sorcceress! Huwag maging bitter – bitteran sa site na to kung wala kang karapatan! GET A LIFE BTICH!

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