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Another Victor. Hunk with the bee-stung lips Victor Basa is in tighty whities! Padding or not, images of Victor in undies are still fodder for fantasy, as we get to see him in those tighty whities very rarely. He is simply divine, a sight to behold! He deserves a pat in the bulge.


Or you prefer Victor in a cheap-ass bikini, instead?


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  1. Victor basa, victor aliwalas, sam ajdani, john spainhour et al. Paulit ulit na lang ang fineafeature mo lately rd kakasawa na.. Ho hum. Kaya i don’t check na your blog everyday paulit ulit na lang wala nang bago. I miss the old days nung may variety pa ang blog mo.

  2. Kahit andami ng fresh hunk ngayon bet ko pa ring patikim kay Victor! hot nya pa rin!..parang bugbog sarado ako sa kama nito

  3. Bikini pics puhlease. Sobrang yummy na ni Victor Basa ngayon compared to his lean frame during his earlier Cosmo centerfold days. I didn’t quite find his body so appealing back then despite that handsome pouty mug, but now drool-worthy na siya talaga!

  4. From very boyish looking guy to a fully grown man.. nag mature na sya… but it added appeal to him… parang alak.. sumasarap habang nagkaka-age

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