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Neil PerezA couple of days ago, Neil Perez ended his “reign” as Mister International by passing on his “crown” to the new winner. He may not be Mr. International anymore, but Neil doesn’t need a title to be this sexy chunk of a man, always admired for his beauty, character, demeanor and of course, uh, crotch.

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  1. whenever i see a man, i always look at the face first and then of course the crotch which makes a man. neil is better looking now with his facial hairs which makes him more fuckable. sarap sarap si neil chupain.

  2. barurutin mo ang keps ko papa niel. isawsaw mo ng isawsaw ang matigas mong kargada sa mamasa masa kong pukelya hanggang sa lumabas ang malapot mong tamod.

  3. He’s oozing with natural manliness, very sexy without having to flaunt a gym body, and scruffy handsome in his own way.

  4. Actually ang gwapo gwapo ni Neil sa personal, the pictures doesn’t do him justice, I don’t even know. I think this pic is kinda old and not his best, but still….yummmmy.

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