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Oh Mariano!

MarianoFlormata copy

Of course, he won. Police office Mariano Flormata Jr., a.k.a. Neil Perez  won the title Mr. International-Philippines at a recently held contest of virile young men. He’s off to Seoul, South Korea for the Mr. International pageant next month. Okay, bring in the cops-in-erotica fantasies! I’m thinking boots and handcuffs, badges and bulges!

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  1. juicekolord.. kantutin mo ako habang nakatutok sakin baril mo..saka yung baril mong may katas pagsasawaan ng artificial pukelya ko..please

  2. he has a typical Filipino look, a.k.a. the “-ers” look, beautiful facial symmetry and overall manliness. walang bahid ng kabeckihan. sana pumapatol sa bading though. ako mauuna at givsung ko cya agad ng iPhone6+

  3. He won the competition bcoz of over exposures and proud to be eventhough his a policeman and everything…but other than that i can see a lot of tough contender there in competion..

  4. pakantot naman pare neil oh! sarap mong chupain at dilaan hanggang butas ng puwit! jakol ako ng jakol sa katitingin sa yo!

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