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Jerby So Comely

Twenty-one-year-old Jerby dela Cruz is a native of Roxas City but he is now based in Quezon City although he is the current Lakan ng San Jose City [in Bulacan] and the Lakan ng Bulacan 2008 winner. The tall former student of Hercor College in Roxas City was also a featured model in the recently-held Philippine Fashion Week. He has joined bikini contests in Metro Manila after his stint in Bulacan. With a little scrub and scour, he’ll be polished to movie star looks. He reminds me of a younger Piolo Jose Pascual [pre-surgery and pre-stardom].
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  1. aaaayyyyy!!!!! itich ang masarap! how much ang damage? pila na mga sis, habang hindi pa sikat, habang mura pa at fresh!!!!!!

  2. Oh my, xa ba yung sa Wowowee?? He’s Piolo-alike nga kaso more ang pimps sa fez.

    Hi, RD, what do u mean about Piolo Jose Pascual pre-surgery? Could u pls elaborate? Thanks.

  3. taga san jose del monte nga siya. napakaguapo sa perdona; sobra appeal. napakalambing sa vading. ay dakota si jerby. sarap humalik n2.

  4. like ko ang eyes and lips, at everything, sarap magpayakap dito

    kasama ba sya sa wowowee crew or cast? di ko sya napapansin dun. o contestant lang sya?

  5. TiTi MukhangAri,

    Look at Piolo’s old pics. His nose is MUCH different than today’s. MUCH MUCH different.

  6. He was one of the contestants sa Willie of Fortune, yung mga models ang maglalaro. Actually sa bunch xa lng ang shumi, the rest chaka khan. Nag-sexy dance xa with Pokwang, tke note ang galing, at ang sarap!

  7. Anonymous said…
    He’s the pinoy version of Colin Farrell, esp. when you look at his eyes.

    July 10, 2009 7:30 PM
    Tumpak…yun din ang nauna kong napuna…the eyes and the lips..Will Farrell local kung matangos pa lalo ang ilong.

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