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Jon Mullally booming

Enough of the sleaze first. How about Jon Mullally aka Jon Avila for today? After signing up last year with Star Magic, ABS-CBN’s network-based talent agency, Jon seemed to have made a successful transition from the runway to the telly.  As a chunky-hunky part of that all-boys sing-and-dance group called  Coverboys, Jon will soon fly to the U.S. for a concert tour [gasp!]. Too, he has his own  superhero series on his home studio, Kapitan Boom. Which only proves that talent and/or connections and/or perseverance make up for good showbiz success. 
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  1. I will rob a bank for you John! I like your paisley undies John but Im afraid you will need to be circumcised.

  2. CIRCUMCISED.. ewww! Why do Filipinos give a damn about circumcision? Nakikiisa pa ang ilang kabadingan. Some gays and even men cannot even accept their foreskin down below, let alone gays’ status quo. Yeah, they say it’s hygienic because you are able to clean off the smegma. Then, a good alternative is to pop the head up regularly and lather it with genital wash and H20. Medically-speaking, circumcision hasn’t been proven to have any practicality. On the contrary, it reduces the sensitivity of the head. Believe me, I’m a living proof. If i were to take back time, I’ll stand up against tradition and say no to circumcision. But what could i do, i was just 9 then. Time will tell when Filipinos shall start to make a stand against it.

    PS Jon Mullally is not that hot. He doesn’t have that je n’ai sais quoi quality unlike Bruce Quebral, Diether Ocampo, Rafael Rossell, among others.

  3. Anonymous (june 28, 2008, 4:01pm) you sound like emured. hehehe. either you or ed.

    about circumcision.. hmmm. i started masturbating when i was 10, was cicrcumcised 2 years later. i miss the genital pleasure of having foreskin. so i agree with you hehehe.

    si jon avila, john santos pa rin sa akin. baka long lsot brother or something.


    LET GO! if sis demure wishes to remain anonymous or avatars into names like RED MU (sorry, i mean EMURED)or simply ED (very unDemure choice)…LET IT BE. just savour into his partition of his witty (sometimes bitchy), often informative, and hints of SOP stories and poetry comments…my only wish is that she is still around on the long-stretch run with us and has not flown the flock to be with the socio elites of the ‘other’ blogs.

    PS : i love the candy-cane comment but refrained from citing additional comments due to cultural proprieties in pinas. Cardinal Sin might wake up and hex me…hahaha!

  5. by the way, RD, i’m june-28,-2008-4:01p anonymous. i’m still waiting for an atom araullo post 🙂

  6. To Anonymous who was not circumcised, dont pride yourself about it. The benefits of circumcision outweighs the risks. The WHO encourages men to circumcise to lower the risk of AIDS. The Thai government even acknowledged the fact the reason why they have the highest incidence of AIDS in their country is due to the fact that Thai men are not circumised. Read below and weep!

    Circumcision – Why the Foreskin
    Increases Infection Risk

    As a prelude to this, one needs to first understand the anatomy. The foreskin is composed of an outer layer that is keratinized (as is skin generally), and an inner lining that is a mucosal surface.

    The inner layer of the foreskin lines a ‘preputial sac’, which becomes a repository for shed cells, secretions, and urinary residue that accumulates. It is also a hospitable environment for the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

    During an erection the head and shaft of the penis extend so that the inner layer becomes exteriorized along the distal half of the shaft. This exposes it to infectious agents during sexual intercourse.

    It has been suggested that the increased risk of infection in the uncircumcised may be a consequence of the following:

    • The foreskin presents the penis with a larger surface area.

    • The moist inner lining of the foreskin represents a thinner epidermal barrier than the more cornified outer surface of the foreskin and the rest of the penis, including the glans of both a circumcised and an uncircumcised penis, which have been found to have the same amount of keratin. This means that the inner lining is a potential entry point into the body for viruses and bacteria.

    • The presence of a prepuce is likely to result in greater microtrauma during sexual intercourse, thereby permitting an entry point into the bloodstream for infectious agents.

    • The warm, moist mucosal environment under the foreskin favours growth of micro-organisms. The preputial sac has even been referred to by Dr Gerald Weiss, an American surgeon, as a ‘cesspool for infection”, as its unfortunate anatomy wrapped around the end of the penis results in the accumulation of secretions, excretions (urine), dead cells and growths of bacteria as referred to above. Parents are told not to retract the foreskin of male infants, which makes cleaning difficult. Even if optimal cleansing is perfomed. Rather, the foreskin tends to trap and transmit micro-organisms, both to the man himself, and his sexual partners.

    P.S. Im not DEMURE. I dont know him. My name is ED short for Ed/ED. But that’s the only one short about me. The other thing you need to find out.

  7. to ED: perhaps youre considering a very small detail of our picture – Thailand, Africa – oh please, it’s as if uncircumcised penis is the prime carrier of AIDS/ STD. Get to the point, you’re a dense christian who would rather go under the knife and spread his legs for the sake of accpetance in this narrow-minded society.

    PS I can disprove you instantly by citing Scandinavian countries that have a low record of 2.1% of the popl’n having AIDS (take note, POPL’N not excluding women)

    Think about this: if you were able to accept yourself as a gay man, why can’t you accept your forsekin down there?

  8. Tamo nga, I almost failed the interesting exchange of info and comments on circumcision because I usually read or ogle at only the latest two to five postings. Mabuti na lang at nire-review ko paminsan-minsan hanggang sa kadulu-duluhan.

    Wait a minute, sino na ba ang nakakita ng etits ni Jon Mullaly at tanggap na ng lahat na siya ay supot?

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