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Men in white

VicI must admit Victor Aliwalas is a favorite hunk. Who wouldn’t love this chunk of a man? The hirsute bod with all the wayward hairs on the arms and legs. That bulge (and balls) with great promise. Of course, that handsome mug that reminds of a tradie (tradesman), in a good way. I just love strong men, I guess!

chomoAnd here’s Orlando Sol! Again.  I told you about the Masculados onslaught these days. Maybe we’ll get to see him all wet in his white undergarments. Imagine the details, the visible lines of his throbbing purple-brown penis pushing against the drenched cotton fabric. Such wild imaginings!


Speaking of strong and sexy, mighty muscled Carlos Agassi comes to mind, too. He’s always showing off his burly, bruising form in ads for Guitar underwear, which he’s endorsing. I couldn’t be happier as Carlos slips on the teenie underthings without qualms and quandary, natch!

henrik90Lastly, the plat de résistance, gorgeous model Henrik Lagoni is coming back! In case you were under a rock the past few months, Henrik went back to his native Denmark to finish his Engineering degree. Yes, I’m jizzing in my pants right now thinking of all good things Henrik: handsome, tall, sexy, college degree, and big fat …. future! He’s my favoritest!

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  1. I agree, Henrik will also be my favoritest! Hihihi. He is the hottest and freshest anong these bunch. More pics pa please.

  2. RD, you just revealed something..about orlando sol, you said “….his throbbing purple-brown penis….”

    paano mo nalaman na purple brown ang penis nya? naka one night stand mo na ba sya? hehehe just sayin…baka naman nasobrahan ang imagination mo…joke

    1. true to life story teh! akez din! gusto ko magpalaspag kay Victor! hahahaha kaso waley akez fuke! wetpaks na lang! keri na yun! kung naging girlash lang akez, ipapawasak ko lahat sa kanya! lol!

  3. I met Victor at a party and was surprised at how different he looks in person. Boyish ang dating nya kasi nagahit sya. Really nice guy.

  4. jakol ako ng jakol kay victor! oh pare victor, sarap mong chupain! sarap mong dilaan hanggang butas ng puwit! nakakabaliw ka pareng victor! nahinto tuloy ang pag gym ko sa kajajakol sa yo!

  5. seems like henrik lagoni catch most attention,,, count me on,,.. he’s so hot and cute,,, he reminds me of my boyfriend…

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