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Mr. Busby

DSCF3554Once in a while we encounter variety in this site, because Bench Body makes dem model boys wear its briefs and what-nots in its shows. English-model-in-our-shores Christian Busby is all too willing to comply and he’s our Monday man-candy, of course.  You might have noticed the huuuge thighs and apparently, everything else immediately connected to those ham hocks.

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      1. AGREE! Kahit gaano kaganda ang pecs and shoulders, pag payatot legs, medyo turn off. Kaya hindi ako 100% sold kay John Spainhour, frog /chicken legs…

  1. Ba’t ba kayo legs ng legs e hanggang hita lang naman ang kita sa picture? Leg is binti and thigh is hita, enebe? Basic human parts lang mali-mali pa kayo???

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