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marco poli

There’s another new boy on the modelling block and he’s tall, handsome and athletic! Twenty-one-year-old Marco Poli (that’s his real name, I kid you not!) is making waves on the runways.  It looks like a bumper crop of young and cute models invading the scene this time.

marco poli

At the recent Bench show, the 6’3″-tall Filipino-Italian cutie walked with his little ‘kinis on stage. Everyone turned to notice. When he’s not busy doing sexy, he’s a goalkeeper for the Loyola Meralco Sparks Football Club

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    1. Not true. May nabook ako sa new york na italian via Reggie lang si kuya although performance level kaya sulit naman ang $250 na binayad ko. Take note mas mura pa yan sa singil mg mga pabook sa pilipinas pag converted to peso huh. Ang mga pabooking dito kala mo may diamond studs ang mga titi.

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