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Now it would be tough and utterly unfair if I ask you to choose between these boys, right? Models with hard bodies and interesting faces.  Jeff Langan (left) and John Spainhour are two of the finest Bench Body models to date. Do you prefer the baby-smooth guy or the hairy one? Some go for the hairy ones – bearded and bushy, fluffy and furry. Others choose the silky soft bodies of sexy men. It’s a matter of preference, really. I’d take both, if you ask me.

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    1. hahaha nalowkah naman ako sa yo teh! sigurado namang kasya sila sa yo dahil mga juts yang 2 na yan!

  1. of course i’ll take both but if there’s only one to choose, i’ll go for the hairy and bushy one. Hairy men makes me drool and they instantly give me a hard on. John is just perfect, luv to suck his throbbing cock.

  2. Hallo naman. John spainhour of course! Icompare ba naman si john dun sa isa na mukhang babalu! Pweh!

  3. I’ll choose John and puedeng si Victor Aliwalas na lang RD? Walang appeal sa akin ang mga baby-smooth guys.

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