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Jeff’s Coming


Oh there! We saw this coming! Fil-Am model Jeff Langan is the newest favorite of Bench Body. He might as well be the new nekkid god over at the underwear company’s tower. Jeff recently did a campaign for Bench Body, which will be released in time for the, wait, he’s reading a book, so that would have to be a back-to-school special.

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  1. Water Water talaga ang fukelya analia ni Lola Benchina sa batang eto kaya siya ang bagong boytoy ng underwear magnet, ay magnate pala! sareeee

  2. parang Corbin Fisher model lang ang peg….pwedeng pwede siyang maging second fiddle star sa corbin fisher…walang binabat ang itzu niya kay COLT

  3. WOW! ang sarap naman nito! imported! yum yum yum! malaki pa! kakadiri local flavor eekkkkk lols.

  4. DELICIOUS!!!! YUMMY!!! and he’s very friendly… NOT mayabang unlike other models or those other “feeling models”.

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