Hot Men in the Philippines

Body of Evidence

This is positive proof that Bench Body tinkers with the bodies of its underwear models. Apparently, the male mods are made to look better, with all the requisite sac and swelling in their proper places. Take for example Portuguese model Tierry Vilson. He’s the latest summer endorser for the popular local brand of underthings [see print ad above]

In reality, however, this is how the photo was taken, warts and all. 
See the huge difference!
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  1. pag mga foreigners yun model ng bench brief kailangan photoshop para bawasan yun bulge..pag naman sila tom rodriguez kailangan mag pads pa inside his briefs..anu ba mas betetr??

    1. Hello ateng! Tom Rodriguez? May lahi kayang amerikano si Tom, kaya sila nagpapads kasi pra walang VPL gets mo?

    1. Swerte nya talaga kaya ng pag nagcollege ako fine arts kunin maging designer ng mga male underwear para lahat ng mga model ko titikman ko muna hehe! Kaya lang tagal pa nun grade 7 pa lang ako!

  2. Aaaaaaaaannnngggggsssshhhaaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppppppp…….

    Talagang walang kakupas kupas itong si Tierry. Super sarap pa rin!

    He entered the Portuguese version of Big Brother but Bench managed to lure him back here. Galing!

  3. bench censored wat s real.. this is false advertisement…

    it’s lyk f u wear bench underwears.. u can’t flaunt watever it s dat u hav…

    watcha think?

  4. si michael cinco? na puro kopya sa dior at kanikaninong designers ang damit. pagtatagpi tagpiin at sasabihing original hahahaha. kalerqui!

  5. Anonymous said…
    me naiinggit k mr. cinco… jelous much?

    Wednesday, 16 April, 2014

    michael, tulog ka na. dadami lalo tigidig mo. Bwahahaha. ang kinaiingitan ay ang creative artists, not copy cats. research research din at marami kang time.

  6. Dingdong dantes’ bench gold campaign is another example. We had to pull in his cock, to make it look decent, because his bulge was big and weighing down the white briefs.

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