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PJ. Go!

PJ Go1

PJ Perez Go is Not Your Ordinary Boy. The 6′-tall former model is now a singer-performer-actor. He’s in the cast of the afternoon fleshfest Moon of Desire, where he gets to show his acting abilities. Plus more. Prior to his tv stint, he sang and danced in casinos as part of the NYOBG group [with Maui, Ian, Benj and Bonj].

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  1. Bat nman pumayag si pj pasuutin ng ganyan? Parang bulag nag ayos. Tapos yung legs pa nya parang stick sa ganyang angle. Kaloka. May mas ok pa syang pics sa ramp kesa jan.

  2. Balitang alaga yan ni Tita Bhoy ngayon. Sya ang ginagabi gabi hahaha kaya naman may project sa Dos!

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