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Pretty Boy

tommy copyBy request, here’s Tommy Esguerra who shot to relative fame via the local franchise of Big Brother and hooking up with a homely woman during the series. Tommy’s been modeling for years before getting discovered for tv. If you have a thing for lovely tresses and twinky bods, then Tommy might tickle your fancy.

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      1. hey username […] >>> stalker much lang ni Tony ang peg? ex jowa ka ba niya at super ang paghihiganti mo na every post niya talaga may kuda ka???

        kawawa ka

  1. Ang rumor e hindi talaga sya nag audition sa PBB. Kinuha sya sa Mercator. at ang unang pinupush ni Majons e yung baklang LA Aguinaldo kaso too feminine nga at gay na gay talaga so they settled for Tommy!

  2. Mercator negotiated him in the PBB house. He also screwed his former agency and dealt with Mercator while still under his previous management. He also has a sugar mommy.

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