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Redux: Geoff Taylor

Here are more images of sexy model and singer Geoff Taylor. Of course, he can smack-dab fit into those speedo-style briefs, no matter how tacky and garish they are. That is because he used to be a model prior to joining showbiz as a singer.  The 5’11”-tall native of Tuguegarao, Cagayan is now busy concentrating on his singing career by appearing in out-of-town shows.  With such looks and talent [and bod!], Geoff Taylor will soon be on his way to fame. 
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  1. shortly after his stint at PDA season 1, a channel 2 vignette played footages of geoff as he was visited by his american father who – at his age – still has drop-dead gorgeous looks and i must say i was lusting for both father and son. that bulge of geoff – still limpid in this photo – must be played up to package him as a sexy male hearththrob – and he is definitely THE real SEXY MALE singer. it’s time we consign sam milby and his cutesy sissy smiles to the dustbin.

  2. in fairness kaboses nga niya si sam milby at nag-gigitara din siya last time napanood ko siya sa metrobar ang ganda ng acoustic version niya ng umbrella.. Last september napanood din siya ng friend ko sa concert ni yeng sa music museum galing daw ng pagkakanta niya ng always be my baby ni david cook.. I think hes better than sam at wala pa kyeme magpa-sexy… More pics please

  3. ang sexy nga may talent pa.. Go geoff mas tatangkilikin ka u sing better than sam i watched u last sept at music museum sa concert ni yeng galing ng version ng always be my baby parang original version nni david cook.. Go geoff

  4. THAT SISSY SMILE and Englisized Tagalog gives me a real boner that can thrust all day long…I Love Sammy…i could nibble on his milk-choco candy ass all day long contra Dingdong’s 70% Lindt cocoa. Ahh! this sexy talk makes me go to the bathroom and whack it…CHOW TIME.


  5. pretty face pero kulang pa sa muscle dapat mag workout siya at kung balak man ipasok ng handler niya mag indie ilabas muna siya sa cosmo batch next year, ano na nga ba nangyari sa career ng batang ito gwapo at may talent din naman, nakikita ko uli siya sa super inggo re-airing ng 9:45AM before boy and kris

  6. saw him naglalakad sa greenbelt last month may dalang gitara galing yata sa gig balbas sarado na siya mas lumakas appeal in fairness

  7. nag matured na nga siya sa kuha niya kasi ang bagets itsura nyan sa inggo schoolmate ko yan dati at fan niya sis ko pinapanood uli siya sa inggo pag umaga.. go geoff of cgayan!

  8. Buhay pa pala si Maple at si Demure (Erumed). Just goes to show that old queers never die; they just mellow down and take it easy.

  9. I AM NOT MAPLE…Maple, my friend, has moved to Costa Rica. he suffered a devastating blow from the current global economic crisis (from paper to $$$ losses) and has to relocate to a more reasonable cost of living country. Maple is an astute stockbroker and relies heavily on his dividend cheques and stock speculating ventures for his sustenance. but at the end ladyluck turned her back on him. the last time he called me, he said that he is close and barely hangling by his nails and balls to bankruptcy. likewise, he has taken a job as a coffee trader (a.k.a. planter) and part times at a local call centre. he rents a hut close to the foothills of Mt. Irazu which he claims the volcanic smoke and diluted sulphuric gaseous emission gives him strength to get by and keep sane. the company of Ticos Jose, Miguel, Carlos and Juan also keeps him busy on his spare time (o, Maple, horny Maple, you’ll never change). on my phonecall the other day to him, he mentioned leaving Tico country for a while to go on a much deserved vacation. i said, OK my friend, the airline ticket is on its way. my treat and i’ll meet you at our LAX airport favourite bar. buy me a drink. that’s all you owe me and soon we’ll be ON OUR WAY TO MANILA…..

    (to be continued)


  10. To Anonymous (December 18, 2008 6:13 PM):

    No, I didn’t “mellow down” (sic) and “make it easy,” as you said. I don’t think visiting this blog less often than last year is a measure of mellowing, as my loins are constantly on a warmer for eye-candy guys and my significant other. I visit this blog only when my current lifestyle – and engagements in and out of our country – allow me to.

    On the “old queers” tag: I’m over 40, and I don’t think that’s old. But I do have a mature outlook, honed by exposure to foreign lands, including Costa Rica where Maple has gone to according to his friend’s narrative above. By the way, Costa Rica is a melting plot of sexy Ticos – tall, sexy, and friendly hunks as Latinos could be. Costa Rica is where I met a butterfly farm worker and savored his delish jumbo treasure at Marriot Hotel in San Jose, 5 years ago. But that’s another story.)

  11. MY RESPECT and adulation to you sis Demure…i read between the lines every post you make and see you as an honest-to-goodness kind of person who would not take bitter b.s. from anybody…like beaujolais noveau they keep their spirit, taste and character from harvest October to eternity…
    CHEERS TO 2009.

    (old queer is off to Aspen for skiing & to take it easy…LOL)

  12. i’m glad geoff and victor his real manager got out from this con artist grossly obese manager who have used goeff to his advantage, hasn’t given him any project has pulled down his carreer to the brink of death. He doesn’t have his own talent nakikisawsaw lang but he always ended up kaaway ng mga original manager. WHY???

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