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Robed in splendor

vinlee copyKorean model Vin Lee‘s shortcomings are compensated by his exotic looks and fine physique. It’s hard not to get a little hot and bothered upon seeing this VPL photo of Vin.  Actually, he’s been on the most-photographed-in-his-undies list of male mods in town. That means he’s heating up the scene with his modeling work and a portfolio that’s practically on fire.

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  1. his vpl gave me a hard on.ewan ko ba, hindi naman masyadong dakota pero walang tigil ang katitingin ko, napajakol tuloy ako to the maxx!

  2. Hahaha one of my friend on FB and one of the contestant in Your My Foreignoy
    Sobrang bait nyan grabee tahimik
    Nagkkwentuhan kame nyan
    Grabe nakakamiss na yang c VIN LEE =) hahaha
    Kaya nga nagseselos yung ibang foreignoys sa akin ehh hahahaa

  3. but wait prang may something sila ng photographer nya fb friend ko si vin while his photographer nkafollow lang ako … may pic sila mgktabi sa carpet hbng ngttext c vin hmmm….

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