vinDirrrty! Sometimes I like the boys a bit dirty and messy. More of the rough-and-tumble kind like this image of Korean model Vin Lee drinking milk in his extra grubby, mucky self. I wouldn’t mind giving him a thorough scrubdown, though.

nando65Don’t you just love cute guys in their tighty whities? They look cool, clean and sexy. Take for example, this guy, Brazilian teen model Fernando Skinner. He’s so adorable in dem white briefs!

29 thoughts on “Drink!”

  1. i go for the brazilian model fernando skinner, he’s much hotter and very fuckable. i luv to blowjob this hunk all the way.

    1. Hindi naman porke hindi sila circumcised, mas madumi na sila. Tandaan mo, majority ng mundo, hindi circumcised. .

        1. Sa Asia, only Filipinos and Muslim men from countries like Ibdonesia, Makaysia, and, of course, mid-Eastern countries, including Israel, and some Koreans have their children circumcised. In the US of A, circumcision is now an option for parents. The sentiment these days is to have the boy decide when he’s older whether he wants to be cut or not. Most Eurooean men aren’t cut. So circumcised men are the minority in the world.

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