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Monday, Monday, so good to me

JCHe’s hot, alright. But what is it with JC de Vera? He’s not actually getting it, despite moving to ABS-CBN where it was previously presumed he’ll hit it big this time. This time is still Stagnation Alley for the young hunk, and he’s not yet in the big league. Maybe it’s time to take off more clothes?

NandoI introduce to you the newest boy in modeling town, Fernando Skinner! He looks Filipino, right? Or Eurasian. Fernando is actually Brazilian, I’m not sure if he’s a nipo-basiliero, too, like Daniel and Hideo. One thing is certain, though. He is cute and sexy. With a nice butt. And insane abs. Now, that’s a lot of things to rave about this boy!

MikeThere really is something about basketball players that make them oh-s0-freakin’-sexy! Like Mike DiGregorio here who’s teasing and pleasing in various states of Bench Body undress. Mike, who is half-Italian and whole chunk of a man, plays in the 2014-2015 PBA D-League Aspirants Cup.

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  1. Where have you been? He was immediately given 2 soap operas, The Legal Wife and Moon of Desire which are both hits. ABSCBN paces their stars to avoid over exposure unlike GMA. His next project is Will Never Say Goodbye that is set to air this year. JC made the right decision to transfer to the Biggest and Number 1 TV Network in the Philippines!

  2. swerte ni lj reyes. natikman nya na ang burat paulo avelino ngayon burat naman ni jc de vera ang natitikman nya. natikman nya na rin before yung burat ni alfred vargas.

  3. Hay naku si JC de Vera pang extra na lang yan. Walang wala talaga maski anong gawin sa Dos. Magsasawa din sila sa kakapromote dyan!

  4. JC is super laos na. I think gusto lang maka recoup ng ABS ng losses nila kaya binibigyan ng projects… After his contract, balik GMA na yan!

  5. kung ako kay lj di ko ipagpapalit si paulo kay lj, maliit kaya burat ni jc kumpara kay paulo. at mukhang mas magaling kumantot si paulo. tanong pa namin kay kc amazona. hahahahahha

  6. I’m writing JC de Vera off! Waley na yan hahahha maarte kasi ayaw maghubad puro shirtless lang!

  7. Napajakol ako kay Fernando Skinner! More of him please! Feeling ko supot sya na malaki!!!! shet!!!

  8. Magkano booking ni JC ngayon? Nung wala sya work e 35k na sya eh. Siguro may price increase na…

  9. Proven n dyutay baka inaayawan ng mhga baklitang exec ng dos.. Na turn off siguro sila sa liit ng etits

  10. Unlike Paulo Avelino, JC doesn’t have the charm or even leading man material. Pang bit player lang sya RD

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