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The sexy doctor

CarloBefore someone takes his photo while on duty at a Manila hospital and posts it on social media, here are images of the cute doctor Carlo Atienza in swimwear. He looks delightfully familiar because you’ve seen him before in “personality” contests around town, when he was taking up his pre-med course (Nursing, I think).

carlo atienzaNow, this guy’s worth admiring not only because of his good looks and fine physique and smooth skin, but also due to what he has accomplished. He’s being sexy and professional at the same time, and that is a first-rate combination.

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  1. just woke up and saw his pic and immediately jack off to the max! just timing for my early morning erection. the guy is so fuckable and lickable, i love you pare carlo.

  2. Ang linis nya tingnan ngayon naka all white hehehe nakikita ko din sya RD sa hospital..alam ko kung saan hehehe

  3. bakla sya. magdiwang kayo. bottom po siya.

    kahit sure ang cancer ko sa pwet, ipapa second opinion ko talaga sakanya!!! lol

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