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MikeI’m not too knowledgeable about any kind of sports, but when it’s a shirtless Michael DiGregorio who’s playing basketball, I’m prepared to sit down and gawk and well, learn more about shooting and dribbling.  The Filipino-Italian cutie sure knows how to capitalize on his looks and bod, as he jumps into modeling Bench Body underwear once in a while. That, you’ll have to Google.

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    1. Tony aka Andres aka Gardo replying to himself/herself/itself! Hahahahaha! Pathetic!

      Di ka papansinin ni Michael, Baklush! Tatadjakin ka lang niyan!


      1. Anonymous Wahahahaha has nothing better to do. Siguro matandang bakla siya na kalbong-kalbo na. Walang pumapatol na mga lalaki, unless babayaran niya. Eh wala naman siyang pera. Wala nga siyang sariling pc o laptop o iPad. Looooooooooooooser! Wahahahahahahahahahaha, baklush ka!

  1. Perfect sya saken..looks gwapo…magandA katawan…Italian pa..kaya for sure jumbo nota nito. .perfecto!

      1. Shut the fuck up, stinking asshole. Leave people alone. RDdantes should monitor your posts and trash ’em all. You’re moronic and sophomoric.

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