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Stripped as I can be


Because we never get tired of seeing his bod.., er, bulge and handsome mug, here’s another Markki Stroem image in standard Bench Body briefs. Yes, he’s one of the favorites  these days in the underwear company’s backlot (or basement) and we’ll be seeing more of him in racy, risqué pictures soon!

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  1. Definitely, one of the best! Head to toe perfection – ganda ng mga bukol. Pero yung tangga na suot niya sa Bench show, dapat ganun ka skimpy ang sa pictorial din – pero white.

  2. kung sanitary napkin ang nilagay nya dun at least sa contours lang ng tarugo nya ma enhance ang bukol at hindi masyadong halata eh dito mukhang dalawang face towel yata ang sinalpak nya!

  3. Everybody just has something to say. You’ve seen how his bulge looks like. He isn’t a prude and even lets everyone see him in skivvies. Just take in the scene and get on with it.

  4. Just saw his play at the Peta Theater this afternoon – he is gorgeous! Lalo na yung scene na naka-towel lang siya, my God – everything was perfect, specially his chest and nipples!And he can really act and sing, talented talaga. catch the show – nakakatuwa! And lahat ng girls sa audience, nakatunganga sa kanya. haha

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