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The Lifeguards

MauiLifeguard No. 1 is Mauro Lumba and I’m imagining someone’s drowning and he blows that red whistle while he gets out of those nasty shorts to swim in his *gasp* Bench Body undies to save the day. In the real world, I haven’t seen him wear those cheap-ass briefs in photo shoots, though.

GeorgeIn the meantime, Lifeguard No. 2 George Irineu will throw the lifebuoy at the drowning swimmer.  You know how these Brazilians are, confident in their speedos and what-nots at the pool, beach.  It is would be a delight to see him wet in those cotton undergarments.

HideoAnd lastly, Lifeguard No. 3 Hideo Muraoka will be the beach eye candy. He looks hot and sexy in this shot and he dons the tight summer shorts with all the bulges in the proper places. Previously, the Brazilian looker was more provocative in briefs for F&H, not too long ago.

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  1. Natikman na din ni Rey Pamaran si Mauro. Remember last year tumira pa sa house nya sa Serendra si Mauro?

    1. Nakakalito nga eh kung sinu-sino boy(s) ni Mama Rey Pamaran.

      Mauro still “visits”. Si Daryl Rose used to live with Mama RP. Eh, ngayon mga PTs ng Fitness First pati si Joevince Canizares and
      AGAIN kasama ni Mama RP si Andrew Wolffe sa Pagadian.

      Terence Lloyd naman HK travel-buddy. Strange because Terence is a TWINK compared to Mama Rey’s “types”. hehehehe

    1. Oh, yes! Remember, “close” si Mama RP kina Hideo, Fabio and Daniel.

      Mama RP kase mahilig makipag-picture MANY, MANY TIMES pati magkasama kung saan2. hehehehe

  2. Natsupa ko na si Mauro, nagdugo bunganga q. Parang kawayan na maugat mga teh. Just kidding. Ang swerti ng mga putang beki. Kahit anung titi basta may pera push lang sa Tsupa.

  3. Grabe pala si mami rey, pati si Adryan Hanson natotnak na sia. Parang ang sarap pa naman ni papi Adryan.

  4. nachupa na ni mama rhey p ang 3 yan. natikman na rin siguro ng pwet ni mama rhey ang burat nila. kaiinngit si bakla. iba talaga pag mapera

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