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Dangerously Low

GeorgeDon’t you wish sometimes you can just pull his undershorts down? That pair of undergarments is too low, it might as well be down. Below the knee, or whatever. That’s Brazilian model George Irineu, who is showing off his shaved pubis already in them low-waisted briefs. What’s next, the base of his penis?

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  1. wais tlga si ben chan. if I know kinuha nya to pra matikman din nya. haler halos lhat ata ng underwear models nya tinitikman nya. swerte ng gaga.

  2. Uso na sa mga male underwear ad sa Pinas edit ang kahabaan nang VPL at tinitira nalang eh ang BALLS 🙂 nabura ang long penis at scrotum nalang natira 🙂

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