Hot Men in the Philippines

The Youngins

MikkoPatLeave the nudies to the sideposts, for today we are having up-and-coming models of the boy-next-door variety. The tattooed one is 21-year-old Mikko Marcelo, while the other one is 20-year Patrik Franksson. Mikko is a Marketing Management junior at the Enderun Colleges, while Patrik is a football player for Laos FC. Everyone looks better when they’re younger. And wearing nothing but green shorts and undies.

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      1. lol. yup pintados were more on anthropology of identity back then. So anong culture culture at anthro anthropology ang napala ni Mikko marcelo jan sa kambing na may rosas sa dibdib?

  1. I like Patrick, sya yung guy sa Goldilocks with Liza Soberrano! Pero di naman ako aarte kay Miko, lakas ng dating!

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