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There’s a blue light

viray2 viray1In modeling, having a muscular and lean physique is not enough. Of course, height matters. An interesting face with strong features helps a lot. But the one thing that spells b-i-g success in the field must be the connections. The proper acquaintance or sponsor is the prime link to ascendancy in the business. In photo above is model-of-the-moment Kirstey Viray, who rose from bikini open ignominy to top model (self) glorification.

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  1. Haaaizt, nagka- crab mentality ka RD. Hayaan na naten sya. Let’s just hope and pray na ma-sustain nya ang bago nyang trabaho as a legit model (kuno!), charot! Let’s all be happy for him…
    Di ba masarap pakinggan na at some point in your life mey nagamit kang call boy na sikat na ngayon? Di ba? Di ba?

    1. In defense of RD, hindi naman nya sinabi na kolbam si Kirstey. Pero totoo nga na prostitute itong isang to, kasi hanggang ngayon pabooking pa din

  2. connections matter a lot definitely. it is a given thing. those who have the proper connections gets the job easily but in the modelling world aside from connections, one also has to have the good package to get to the top. kirstey viray is hot but i would prefer if he cuts his hair short and i still have to see him in bikinis to assess him fully. right now, pinagjajakolan ko pa rin sya, hayy! mga lalaki dito sa site, ang sasarap nila!

  3. May nalalaman pa syang paslip kunwari sa cosmo e nagpakita na nga ng kaluluwa in the past sa mga bikini contests hahaha

    1. Baka defense lang nya ang mayabang dahil insecure sya. And ganun din ang tingin nya sa mga baklang gusto syang hadahin. Mayabang at gusto lang angkinin ang katawan nya.

  4. Just curious.. Nagparetoke ba ito ng muka (di ako masyado maknowing about this guy hehe). Looking at his old pics para silang magkaibang tao. Anyways he looks better now at least for me.

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