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Shirtless models! Of course, you know Filipino-Japanese Jiro Shirakawa [rightmost] of Bench Body, MossimoMSE and Natasha underwear fame. Then there’s sexy Brazilian Thiago Guenther [middle]. Dutch-Tunisian model Samir Ayeb [leftmost] is a familiar face in Manila’s modeling and club scene. He’s best friends with Raymond, too. And then, there’s this guy at the back, who goes by the name of Kirstey Viray, who has gone up the modeling ladder. Back when he was starting out, Kirstey was a bikini open regular. His talent in the contests is bumping and grinding nekkid in silver body paint. See pictures below.
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  1. Those white boys are so average-looking. Why are they even models here in the Philippines when they are virtually nobodies in their country.

  2. Naku ‘teh tama ka jan. Tinapon lang yang mga na yan ng mga bansa nila dito. At mga Pinoy becks naman dahil mga lowlife at inferior, sinasamba naman ung outcast ng ibang bansa.

  3. cut the boy some slack, rd! nag-aayos na nga ng buhay ang tao e. obviously, he regrets having made a few bad decisions in life. siguro niloko sya ng masamang bakla na sumali sa ginoong filipinas para sumikat not knowing na sleazy contest yun. registered nurse na sya e. nagmodel na sa philippine fashion week in canada, wag na sana ipaalala ung bikini open past nya. hayaan na natin sya sumikat as a model like lance howard

  4. Kirstey’s story is a good one. Its a tale of determination and ambition. The bikini route while not necessarily an A-thing is a decent one to command attention. But struggling and being recognized in mainstream are commendable. Good luck, Kirstey! Survive the maelstrom of dreams!

  5. LOL.. may video ng isang Pinoy Hunk model na nakikipag-kiskisan ng et!ts sa isang White hunk. In fairness, malaki rin ang kargada nung morenong Pinoy, di nagpatalo sa puti. Pareho pang tirik at nagkatutukan ung mga sandata nila. Ayun, espadahan, walang humpay na kadyutan ng batuta, at talagang dinidiin nila ang mga burat nila sa isa’t isa. Parehong matangkad at maganda katawan nung Pinoy at puti..

    Kita yan sa 1:17, 2:08, 3:35
    pero panoorin niyo na rin yung buong vid para makita niyo ung part na sabay nilang jinabongga ung mga batuta ng isa’t isa..

  6. NKKLK ka RD! Ayan na depress na si Kirstey. Nawala na tuloy saysay mga kwento nya na decent family sya galing from Pangasinan . LOL

  7. “Those white boys are so average-looking. Why are they even models here in the Philippines when they are virtually nobodies in their country.”

    Shows that you don’t know anything. Most of these models go around the Asian region working in different countries for a specific period of time. They try to build their portfolio by working in the Phils, HK, Singapore, Bangkok. So hindi lang sila dito sa Pilipinas nagmomodel. At hindi sila tinatapon lang dito.

    Ang hirap ang daming baklang wala namang alam sa industriya na nagmamarunong based on haka-haka at imahinasyon lang e.

  8. Kirstey never joined a bikini open. Neither he is a callboy. Yung mga pictures posted ay during his talent show sa G. Filipinas which he regretted joining. It was his handler then who’s responsible for it. He was barely young then. Wag tayong mang husga na nakakita lang tayo ng lalaking naka hubad or nag hubad sa contest ay callboy na. He’s an educated man. May babagsakan sya kahit di mag model. He’s just taking advantage of the opportunities available for him in the fashion industry. Uulitin ko hindi sya kontesero ng mga bikini open. He is a good friend of mine..

  9. The totally Hot and Handsome Kirst joined a Pageant, that, if not for the evil creatures surrounding it, is actually a Prestigious Pageant. Ginoong Pilipinias is -supposedly- the Male Counterpart of Binibining Pilipinas. But it’s reputation just got tainted because of the beasts surrounding it. But joining the Pageant does not make any of the Candidates a lesser man.

    Kirst is a registered Nurse and made waves in Canada’s Fashion Week with Ria Bolivar whom I think is totally beautiful!

    How dare you judge someone because of something that’s not even wrong? Did anyone judge the Naked Female Models in their Artsy Photoshoots for ANTM? No one did, because it was Tyra Banks behind the idea! But if it was done here, and it was a Male Model who posed, he is already considered a Male Prostitute in your eyes!

    You ONLY WISH he was a Male Prostitute so you perverts can hope that you can one day taste him! What a disgrace to a Country that is knows for it’s gentle and hospitable people!

  10. Oh poor Kirst! Don’t allow yourself to get affected by the evil behind this particular post. Only feel bad when people say bad things to you, ok? No need to feel bad when it’s only sub-humans taunting you, because you are a notch above them, so in your realm, they actually don’t exist.

    Don’t cry little one
    There’ll be a smile where a frown used to be
    You’ll be part of a love that you see
    Someone’s waiting for you

    Always keep a little pray’r in your pocket
    And you’re sure to see the light
    Soon, there’ll be joy and happiness
    And your little world will be bright


  11. I just lost respect for this pretentious website and the fag(s) behind it. One day this will go down the drain together with the malicious pervs making up evil stories. May you all have shame when your time will come.

  12. Nakakabaliw si KIRSTEY Wearing G-String Sarap halikan at dilaan ng kanyang puwet Magpapa=alipin at Magpapabusabos ako kay KIRSTEY Makasiping lang sya gabi=gabi.

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