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Yay! It’s Jay!

He is back! Well, at least in this site.  Male model Jay Santos , who is sorely missed in our shores [because he is now working in Singapore], returns to, uh, titillate us as he poses in the woods.  Jay Santos was last seen strutting his stuff for the gay rag Frontman when he was here. Twenty-six-year-old Jay Santos is from Floridablanca, Pampanga and a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management from the National College of Business and Arts [NCBA].
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  1. he is cute. may pagka-Jr Valentin at Orestes Ojeda.

    sana join sya sa indie films at mag-frontal. hehehe.

  2. Ateh, iba ang level ni papah Orestes in his heydey…I so remember when I was a super little gels. I wonder kung me kakalat kalat pang films out there when he went bold. Now that would be a treat.

  3. kakaiba talaga si rddantes mag post. dito ko lang nakita itong picture na ito. exclusive na naman!

  4. delicious talaga tong karne na to. tamang tama ang luto. medium rare kung baga. sana nabibili ang serbisyo nya sa singapore, dati pa ako natatakam sa putaheng ito.

  5. sorry gays he is no longer in singapore ‘coz he is living happily with me now in dubai, so tigilan na ang mga may pagkafantasia barrino dyan!

  6. hey gays!So sorry to all of you…actually Jay Santos is no longer available…Its not true that he is in Dubai as claiming of someone in his comment…He is still in S’pore with his GF April…Ok!

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