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Zanjoe is busy

Zanjoe Marudo of the Coverboys is very visible on ABS-CBN these days. That is because he has loads of projects in his home studio – the prime time series Dyosa, concerts and tv shows with his strip-and-sing group Coverboys, and upcoming soaps Florinda and The Wedding.  Too, he just finished an independently-produced movie entitled Altar for Cinema One Originals. Which means that good looks coupled with, uh, talent and skills and determination make a successful male-model-turned-actor. 
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  1. i can’t believe why abs is investing too much on zanjoe. i mean, when it comes to ‘looks, he is just average… i don’t even think he’s that talented… one could even find better looking filipinos in malls…

  2. A cousin of raymond guttierez told me that his cousin and zanjoe had a one night stand… He also said that they,the guttierez cousins had a heart to heart confessions and raymond admitted to this and the fact that he’s gay…

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