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Robin Padilla will kick your butt!

If you misbehave! The key word in this site from now on would have to be TOLERANCE. Tolerance is the appreciation of diversity. It is the ability to exercise a fair and objective attitude towards those whose opinions, practices, religion, nationality [and quirks!], and so on differ from one’s own. Which means, if you see the comments page littered with fantastic stories from fantastic people, just let them be. No one’s prohibited from writing down their fantasies and illusions. So ring out the animosities! And behave! Or else Robin Padilla will muay thai you to oblivion!
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  1. With that stance? He’ll kick butts? I don’t think so. That is one of the most unstable stance I have ever seen in people who “claim” they know Muay Thai.

  2. … I understand the post, but why him?! I mean ewww gross no offense pero jologs at ang corny nya for me, and Im sure Im not alone hahaha! I even resent someone when she told me that Robin personifies a filipino! I mean ewww him?! ewww! hahaha!

  3. i 2nd the motion!!!why him of all people!!!! hey…john aspen is back!!!!!! weeeeebeeeee!!! si demure kaya kailan uli magpaparamdam!!!!

  4. i like the badboy,kahit sabihin pa ng iba na baduy sya! one time in his early career,he was friendly with gays,remember he was a protegee of Deo Fajardo? naku,ang sarap siguro ni robin lalo na nun younger days nya!

  5. Maaaring nanalo na nga siya ng Gawad Urian pero para sa akin ay Uber-O.A. pa rin ang Bad Boy. Bakit nga kaya pinanalo siya ng mga kritiko e samantalang consistent ang pagiging hamonado niya.

  6. Robin isn’t gay-friendly. Just because he shacked up in his youth with this mediocre director Deo Fajardo doesn’t mean he likes gays.

    When his brother Rustum came out on national television, pakitang-tao lang ni Robin ang pagtanggap sa kapatid. In family circles, he and his Ma Barker mom Eva rejected Rustum and considered him a disgrace. They warmed up to him only after a long time.

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