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alexAlex Diaz shows some skin

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  1. Is he related to vice ganda? They have the same elongated facial structure. Plus that hair style is a vice ganda look as well.

  2. Can someone give info on this guy? Have seen this guy in parties and he seems abit off.. My radar activates minsan although di rin sure…hehe

  3. Inis na inis ako pag siya yung may eksena sa got to believe teleserye noon. NAPAKA ARTE magsalita. Parang porenjer na hilaw na kunyari hirap magtagalog. kala niiya siguro ikina-cool nya yun. Kabwisit!

  4. Super G!!!!!….Gay.May pagdududa pa ba sa pose na ganyan at look sa fez?Babaeng babae kung maja emote ang girlalu!!!!

  5. The 17-year-old Alex Diaz is a Scottish-Filipino commercial model and works as a radio jock in Monster Radio RX 93.1. Alex Diaz pursued his modelling career despite the disapproval of his father.

    Aside from having good looks, he is a consistent dean’s lister at the Enderun Colleges where he is taking up Marketing Management but admitted that he has always the fashion for arts since his early childhood days.

    After living in Canada for two years, he went back to Manila and he was invited for the Star Magic audition after his stint in a TV commercial. Alex Diaz admitted also that he felt stars struck when he saw famous celebrities.

    The newest member of the Star Magic 2013 also audition for PBB and he was curious of how to be a star. Alex hopes to see himself starring in a movie or teleserye in the future.

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