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AlexDiazAlexander Diaz bulks up!

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    1. gurlalu toh mga teh… ano bey??? next na lang mga teh… uunahan pa ako nito mag bj sa kin eh…

  1. ganyan talaga pag seryoso sa pagwork out sa gym, di bale pare, kapag ok na ang katawan mo eh maraming maglalaway dyan, ngayon pa lang eh pwede na kitang pag jakolan kaya lang si pare victor aliwalas ang pinag jajakolan ko ngayon!

  2. Trust me. His “bulking up” phase has been going on for the past 4 years and he still looks the same.

  3. Since trending naman #gayweather si jann stephen noval nakabriefs lng in one of his laboracay pics sa ig niya! 🙂

    1. Tama! Napipikon pag binibigyan ng tips on how to build his muscles.

      “I think I know what to do in the gym” sabi niya dati. Pero 4 years na at ganun padin physique niya.

  4. It’s probably him who is replying to gay remarks here hahaha he secretly visits this site 😉

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