Hot Men in the Philippines


[Kryven Lacson]
[Harold Montano]
While UPH and I were talking over the phone he called my attention to the video of that GMA 7 expository show Imbestigador [see videos at ] wherein two guys cried foul as a fake movie producer wanted them to strip down to their jockeys in the auditions. The guys, Harold Montano and Kryven Lacson [bit actors in the skimpy-briefs movie Twilight Dancers], who are seasoned, er, strip-for-pay guys were all over tv unabashedly declaring that they were exploited and abused. While I have no dripping sympathies towards the fake movie producer [who had tons of naked guy pics on his computer and mobile phone, gawd! ], I’m not hyped either towards the two guys’ sentiments. Just look at the photos above, where manifestly, they were paid, however paltry.
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