Dhondy spreads some lovin’

His name is Dhondy Panganiban. Twenty years old. Quite tall at 5’11”. Quiet and reserved. A bit aloof but not haughty. Which all the more adds to his appeal. I think he has lost a few poundage now [image above was taken in February 2008], as I saw some photos of him recently at Lips Bar. In regulation see-through underwear, of course.

13 thoughts on “Dhondy spreads some lovin’”

  1. mega hubadero itetch! RD, can you post his “spread-legged” pic sans the lacy see-through thong? im sure meron. hihihi!

  2. haler?!?!?! mga kafated kahit ba panget ang fez e gusto pa ren niyo basta hubadero? hahahahaha.

    hindi ko kayo pihikang ina.


  3. gosh… kamukhangkamukha nya yong bangkero sa pagsanjan na inorangga ketch!!!! bigla tuloy akong kinilabutan… ang sarap kasi nya!!!!

  4. The word should be “SPREAD-EAGLED” and not “SPREAD-LEGGED.” Walang ganoong salita sa Ingles. Anyway, that pose is a not-so-subtle form of seduction dahil effective, hehehe. But a guy can cross his legs (huwag lang masyadong demure or else maku-question ang gender niya) or sit down or lie down properly and still be sexy.

  5. HE LOOKS CAMBODIAN…similar to my present lover, the object of my affection. next time i am in southeast asia, i will definitely sidetrip (from Manila) to Phonm Penh. i’ve heard Vientiane is even better. SHALL KEEP YOU POSTED.

  6. i find him cute. may baby fats. wala na po kayong ibang picture nya. sana u post more. pls lang po. salamat

  7. mukhang masarap sya at sariwa pa ata hahahahah cno cno kaya nagpasasa sa kanyang bango hmmm RD pa na medyo talop na…

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