Back for more Xavier

Remember Xavier Manahan, the sexy little guy with the buzz cut who goes to bikini contests? Well, he’s back for this latest post, this time sans the gauzy-cheesy underwear he wore at the Tropical Bodies contest [he won that one, by the way]. ┬áJust the same, even if he’s turned his back in this photo, he is still sexy with those tight buns, don’t you think so?

11 thoughts on “Back for more Xavier”

  1. hindi panget yun, at hindi sya trunks. panty yun! pag humarap sya sya sayo, aninag talaga, at sure ako hindi na panget sayo kasi tututok sa mata mo ang kanotahan nya!

  2. rd, nakakatuwa naman ang recent fancy mo on backs and butts. hehe

    nakakatakot naman ang mga nagcomment on this post. they are looking for the perfect body, the perfect man. tsk tsk tsk.

  3. pusher ito ng ecstasy lakas gumamit ng shabu ito tropa ko ito addict lulong sa bisyo kaya kahit ano pinapasok…

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