Nando Skin

IMG_1440See, here’s another sexy Brazilian guy, featured here a lot of times before. Teen model Fernando Skinner may not be very visible lately in Manila, but he can whip up some heat once in a while when he does this in Bench Body undies. This whole near-nakedness thing, with all the throbbing veins and the pumped up testosterone, and lots of skin here and there. He is such a dream.

41 thoughts on “Nando Skin”

  1. utog na utog ang tarugs ko kay fernando! sobrang nakakalibog ang burat nya! grabe na naman ang pagjajakol ko nito!

  2. pinakamasarap ito sa lahat ng nakita ko. super gwapo, average titi, gandan ng katawan. pag ako kinantot nito, wala ng hugutan. ooohh

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