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On the occasion of Marco Gumabao’s 29th birthday, we are posting a Throwback Tuesday picture of his prominent and protruding Penshoppe period. We’ve seen him grow (no pun) from his amateur wank video to a Bench Body endorser to his current state. We love what we see, natch, and we wish to see more of him in the future.

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    1. Ahm titah Roshanna, puhrang itsh shtill a no for meeh pouh, bashta no to pulangawsh pouh tayo dapat Titah… Hihi…

  1. Grabe sa label RD!!!
    Screenshot lang ng bijaks nyha ang meron ako pero ikaw meron nah!!

  2. bakit nga ba si Criostine Reyes lang ang nagpapasasa kay Marco. Kailamngan i-share ouymn kung hidni si Cristine naman ang gagayahon ni Pura LOka Vega hala ka.

  3. sila pa rin ba ni christine? surprised hindi pa niya nabubuntis si momsh. both are sex symbols, i wonder how many times they do it in one day.
    mx. christine is one lucky lady. i’d bang marco’s d any day, every day too.

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