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Someone sent this photo to my mail and funny, because I was wondering -at first, how Bench Body underwear actually scored a show somewhere in Tomas Pinpin, Juan Luna or Ongpin in broad daylight! And then again, I just realized that this photo of hot male mod  Ram Sagad was taken in China during a road show for Bench. In front of a lunch time crowd composed of wildly appreciative Bench fanatics, natch!
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  1. BENCH! BENCH! BENCH! what is the big fuzz about this apparel store.
    is it in any way connected with the U.K. Bench? that line is what is available here at the big-name dept. stores in the USA. and is being touted as a more conservative youngish fashion clothing (more suited for Willy and Harry, oh the Queen will be amused). incidentally, BenchU.K. is not raking in much enthusiasm in this part of the world. no competition compared to the big time Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister from So. Cal. and the newbie Aeropostale. Hey, that’s fashion. it changes by the blink of the eye(s).

    incidentally, i searched the web and guess who is featured outfront in the Bench site – SAM MILBY. his face is plastered many times like a velvetin wallpaper.


  2. Bench seems to have adapted effectively Calvin Klein’s aggressive, sex-oriented approach to marketing not just here but outside Philippine shores as well. Hmmm, and the main models are male. Pang-support o token lang ang mga babae.

  3. TO Anonymous 6:00pm

    Bench UK and Bench Philippines do not seem to be affiliated with one another. I think they just have the same name and like to make clothes.

  4. i was more of waiting for a reply from Ben Chan and/or associates not from an idiot (Anonymous 7:07AM).

    First, Bench Phil. has existed since 1987. Bench UK has only been around the block few years back. Secondly, there is such thing as a copywright infringement in international law. Finally, there is also such thing as litigation, whereas if proven that Mr. Chan is the rightful registered owner of the name, he could make millions of $$$…

    no bananas for you this time.
    henceforth, try to confine yourself making WET & HORNY comments, ha.

  5. “Pang-support o token lang ang mga babae…”

    Tama ka dyan. Para di masabing the whole Bench hullabaloo is one gay spectacle. Kawawa nman yung mga mare. Pandagdag lang sila. Kahit na pa Rufa Mae ka dyan, o Shaina…

  6. Two years ago, I entertained the idea of sellingBbench (philippines) clothing here in the UK. I found out that the UK Bench (appealing to ‘cool’ skateboarding, surfing, and laid back students ) is fighting a trading name dispute with Bench Philippines (marketed to the soft male varieties — pardon the pun).
    UK Bench is based in the Midland and North Regions of England where they make most of their clothes. The dispute means that UK Bench holds trading license and trademark for the name in Europe and Canada. While Bench Philippines owns the trading rights for its brand in Australasia and the US. The Bench UK owner did not mention Brand or trademark rights in Latin America or MiddleEast.

    Btw, I am an aspiring entrepreneur of Filipino origin based in England.

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