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One of the frontrunners in TV5’s reality show Artista Academy is 20-year-old cutie Brent Manzano. He used to be known a couple of years ago as Bryan Manzano [see photos], who competed as a teen with a not-so-teenie-weenie wiener in the bikini contests around the metro. Well, he’s just about done with the tighty-whities-in-public look now as he prepares for his showbiz dream via Artista Academy. Will he make it?
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  1. ang lakas ng dating sa akin ng batang ito! ang tambok pa ng harap! for sure dadami ang beking supporters ng batang ire! bonggang-bongga ang bukol! teka tinitigasan na naman ako! hahahahahaha! me pagjajakulan na naman ako!

  2. RD kindly feature din iyong JERIC GONZALES sa PROTEGE ng GMA. Sumali kasi iyon sa GINOONG LAGUNA this year. Baka my photo ka na naka swimwear siya during the pageant.

  3. No offense meant but he still looks like a bikini open contestant. Not that it is wrong or bad. Basta, di siya artistahin type. Sorry sa mga fans niya.

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