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Clint Narciza Ripped

Lean and toned Clint Narciza is our boy this Sunday. If he looks familiar, you might have seen this 5’9″-tall guy in the controversial [and scandalous] all out bikini shows in Metro Bar held a year ago. Too, he’s a regular in bikini competitions around the metro. So, if you like your boys bony but sexy [read: low body fat], then Clint Nasciza would be the guy for you. Happy Sunday!

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  1. ang panget ng face. beautiful body. if i know, never sya nanalo sa nga bikini contest. paayos nya muna mukha nya… hehehehe

  2. naku mga ateh, wag masyado mamili. pag ganyan ang katawan, luhod na agad lalu na at mukhang promising ang nota na bakat na bakat. mukhang patay pa. di naman ganun kapangit sya.

  3. ang tataray ng unang commment heheh lol! in fairness mukha syang malaki
    obvious naman sa bukol na medyo
    transparent. yummy!

  4. tol clint! si mike to. aus a! sikat ka na pala. ISG ng EARxxT. FS chimpanzy20091. rgds kina twix.

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