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Jheem and JM

Sexy big boys in bed. That’s the theme for Hump Day!


Here’s one more of those in-bed shots of bikini boy Jheem Kazumi. Makes you want to stay in bed all day. It’s one of those mornings: struggling out of bed, making your way to the shower and hurrying off to work. Don’t you just wish you were in bed all day, lazing around, with no worries? With Jheem, of course.

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And here’s JM Martinez. I can imagine he’s reeking of the smell of the bed – a combination of Bounce, stale cologne, night juices and someone else’s nocturnal emissions. Just a perfect day, indeed. Who wants to stay in bed with him the whole day?

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  1. Ano ba yan? Di pa binaba ng tuluyan.
    Pag ganito nakita ko – chupa agad. Mukhang masarap yung burat ni Jheem.

  2. Jheem Kazumi never fails to make my mouth watering at him everytime he poses like THIS! My Libido goes high! MORE OF HIM PLEASE RD! Thanks.

  3. ang sarap himasin siguro ng mga masel sa katawan ni jheem habang nakapatong sya sa akin at pinapasok ang kanyang malaking alaga sa kepyas ko!!!!

  4. Magkano si JM ? Pag iipunan ko yan trip ko pabottom sa kanya at kainin yang ano na nya hihihi ano cell number nya?

  5. natikman ko na si jm martinez. ang sarap ng burat niya grabe. gusto kong ulit ulitin. at malaki ang nota niya in fairness. medyo maitim. 10k ang bayad ko pero sulit naman. for sure mataas na ang rate nya ngayon kasi sikat na siya dito sa rd dantes.

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