Hot Men in the Philippines


The pool. The plants. The prominence in the tight underpants. Frequent blob-in-this-blog boy Ram Ace Bautista is cooling and stimulating. Despite advancing in bikini-open years, he’s still got the goods, enough to seethe and sizzle a sexy photo shoot.
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  1. u know what… super ok tlaga ang package ng batang ito except for one…. medyo malapad lng ung ilong… cant help not to notice it. sorry!

  2. i still SUPER LIKE ram ace.

    rd, who won in the hataw bikini contest last night? too bad my sister from the province arrived and had to stay home..kainis talaga, di tuloy ako nakapanuod..hayzz

  3. hay naku, lhat ng pictures ni ram ace dito napagpantasyahan ko na. how wish i could have an encounter with him. pero feelin ko madampian ko lang ang bukol niya, lalabasan na ako sa sobrang attraction ko sa kanya.

  4. hello RD,,,just wanna ask kung sino nanalo sa last night’s contest? 😀 post mo naman… 😀 thankz!!

  5. BLESS THIS DAY!…RD DANTES responded (after so long i can’t recall the last time. fellow ‘ol time commenters could recall maybe 2 years, di ba ‘teh?). there was a time when he frequently answers back in the blog. but those days are GONE, GONE, GONE…oh well, life goes on.

  6. Thanks RD sa update…hmmm hintay ako ng mga pics….RamAce grabe lagi ang dating kahit malapad ang ilong, well compensated naman diba? guapo nga e dika naman titigasan, ewan ko sa iba dyan…bilib me…iba sya, hehehe

  7. libog na libog ako lagi dito. ang dami ng katas ang lumabas sa akin. talagang ulam ang tarugo nito. super ang appeal ng ram ace na to. ram ace, kiss and fuck me!!!animalistic!!!

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