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Today’s obligatory post of guys in tiny thongs is that of Ram Ace Bautista, a regular sight in the male personality contests in the metro. At 23 years and countless bikini competitions from Ilocos to Bicol, with frequent stops in Metro Manila, Ram Ace is still at it – doing what he loves best. I meant, he’s still wearing them little briefs, flexing and primping before an admiring [happy] audience. I’m wondering when he’ll wear his see-through bikinis again…
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  1. he is one of RD’s all time favourites. any kinky or mundane connections? no malice, just asking. wanna share stories naman. please do so.

  2. wow, one of my favorite bikini boys. too bad hindi na ako updated kung anong schedule ng mga bikini contests. anyone knows kung saan ang mga bikini contests at schedule?

    i still love ram ace. hawt!

  3. hot pa din sya hanggang ngayon. Nagpaayos na ba sya ng ilong nya? nakahanap na ng sponsor?

  4. second da mowsyen. looks like he has had some surgery…and the result is fabulous! clap!clap!clap! whoever his surgeon is, you have got to hand it to that chap, he has got taste and its filtered down to, in all likelihood, this very happy customer.

  5. pwedeng pwede ang body. lets not just talk about the face.

    whoever his surgeon is? you have got to hand it to that chap…..??????

    r u kidding me?

    next please!!!!!

  6. nakakaloka naman! he is hot! and I dont think 23 is that old already, mga tao naman talaga oh.

  7. mga sisters, anyone knows kung saan ang mga bikini contests at schedule? gusto ko manuod ng mga ganyan e di ko alam kung saan at ano ang mga schedule. parang walang publicity sa internet. bihira kasi ako bumili ng dyaryo..

    if you know kung may mga male bikini contests, i publish nyo naman dito ha. kita kits tayo..

  8. paging prganizers of male bikini contests, i publish nyo naman dito sa blog ni rd ang mga schedule at venue nyo..maraming potential customer dto na handang rumampa sa ganyan. thanks po.

  9. bagyo talaga ang sex appeal ni ram ace. grabe, binalikan ko yung dating posts nya, talagang super apaw ang sex appeal. ang sarap nyang tsupain!!!soooo sexy, naninigas talaga ang kalamnan ko. hayzz

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