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Another Handsome Nipo-Brasileiro

And his name is Cesar Curti.  He’s 22 years old, 6’1″-tall and has appeared in numerous print ads and tv commercials all around Asia. He was in Manila recently to do print ads, shows and the New Nestea Fit with L-Carnitine [the one in the beach] and the Nestle Coffee-Mate [the breakfast guy] tv commercials.  This cute and hunky Brazilian of Japanese descent has been working as a model since 2006.  He has also done runway shows in the region.
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  1. wafu,

    now mag babu na mga pinoy model kasi puro na banyaga.

    kawawa naman. pero ok lang mas massarap kaya sila

  2. hindi naman kagwapuhan! mas marami pang gwapong pinoy models noh! itigil na ang colonial mentality, let’s support our own!

  3. omg, this one gave me an instant hard-on! and my cock is still throbbing after a quick stare at that bulge, whew!
    latin americans are real yummy, like that costa rican i met in san jose years ago. i still keep his fotos with me..

    more of this guy please, and this time, show shis cock shape in transparent material please..

  4. OMG thanks wiccan for the site! ive been looking all over the net for any info bout him! 🙂

    @anonymous June 2 9.43pm Yup he is sooo hot on that Garage editorial!

  5. sa unang tingin akala ko yung isa sa viva hot men. korek, parang ordinaryong pinoy, nothing spectacular. ang iba naman dito marining lang na imported ang isang karne nagkakandarapa na.

  6. most imports that shows up in the Phils. lately specially from Brazil has a japanese background, because they don’t have a chance against the pure Brazilian male models. I.e. Akihiro sato this guy and another one w/ japanese blood.

  7. Those imports you love so much, All thanks to Mercator Agency! Si Jonas ang nagpasok sa kanila dito. Bow to Jonas Gauffud!

  8. you can see him often in Gold Gym sa glorietta.. he’s good looking at laging may kasama na brazilian lady model..

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