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Is Jerome Ponce cute or sexy? The 28-year-old actor with the baby face is quietly making a name for himself in showbiz. He’s busy doing movies and a series of shows for the Viva channel. Of course, he is ready for mature (adult) roles now.

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  1. Mag vivamax ka na. Nag-aasikaso na ko ng SSS, PHILHEALTH, HDMF at TIN ko dahil kakajob offer ko lang kanina sa vivamax. Medical naman ako bukas hihi

  2. Reply to BB – HDMF is ‘home development mutual fund’, right? Our equivalent is ‘p’-word (in Filipino)… May pabahay, pala, sa Bivamakz! And they don’t require clearance(s) from the Constabulary & the Investigation Bureau… Interesting.

      1. Predecessor ang Philippine Constabulary ng Philippine National Police. Dzai tinuro yan sa history class, baka tulog ka na naman haha

      1. Sus ko Teh… si Alfred Vargas, JC Castro, Ailex ng Masculados , at marami pang iba dyan eh namamakla at tumakbo (at nahalal) sa gobyerno. Kelangan nila un para sa kampanya nila no. So ano naman ngaun kung mamakla rin si Jerome Ponce at tumakbo as a government official?
        Dami nga ring klosetang government official dyan eh.

          1. Si Robin, Richard Gomez, Ej falcon, namakla. Si tito sen, kay douglas quijano at rey dela cruz, nabalita namakla. Normal.

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