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Brent in military chic

Brent Javier is set to star as one of the lead actors in ABS-CBN’s Humingi Ako sa Langit, a Grey’s Anatomy-esque primetime soap. Prior to that, he appeared in his debut movie Loving You, which I think bombed at the tills. Just the same, my favorite Bench underwear model is determined to be an actor – a radical shift from his male model persona.  He admitted that he has always given acting prime consideration, and that it was about time that he did some tv and movie acting.  
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  1. nag ‘open house’ yata ang mandaluyong mental hospital. ang daming mga nagco-comment at sinasagot o kinakausap ang sarili nilang comment sa blog na ito. dati sa salamin lang humaharap at kinakausap ang sarili. ngayun sa internet na…haaay! progress diba, mare?

  2. di ko siya type……..nakita ko siay sa greenbelt at wala siyang appeal…..napakapayat na at mukhang tuyong sili…walang freshness parang pinaglumaan ng panahon………wala man lang tumingin sa kanya…kumbaga hindi siya headturner

  3. Brent is PLU. I got to work with him before and he showed some signs. He’s a nice person indeed and that’s a plus! 🙂

  4. in previous pictorials, i have noticed na never na bumagay kay brent ang rough, dirty look. lagi bagay sa packaging niya ang nice, boy next door look.

  5. yes, indeed way too gay. the way he pose in that outfit + the way he holds the gun nearby his sex organ is already a metaphorical symbol of a man holding his penis ready to explode! PORNO GAY!

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